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Weekly Miscellany Issue: 004

A Guest Editor, Wallets, Lessons Learned in Business, and more

Welcome to edition number four of Weekly Miscellany, the first with a guest curator. Keir’s generously offered the spot to an Australian, probably in search of some antipodean cricket banter around the Ashes, but as of the time of writing the first test is equally poised so I shall stay mum in fear of a typical middle order collapse.


It’s not quite a bag, but to follow Keir’s love of carryology I thought I would give a shoutout to the most amazing wallet company in the world, Bellroy.


I’m a pretty regular traveller and can’t speak highly enough of their travel wallets — I just did a like-for-like replacement of a four year old wallet that had seen a lot of use without any hesitation whatsoever.

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Lessons Learned Running a Software Consultancy

As someone who’s just completed their first year building a small software agency (growing from one to eight employees in a year), I thought I would share a series of blog posts that were really valuable to me in the early stages.

Written by Brian Cardarella, the founder of successful software consultancy DockYard, the “Lessons Learned” series of posts provides a refreshingly direct take on some of the things you’re likely to encounter when building a software business. He’s very open about revenue, client management, hiring and firing — often taboo topics among agency owners which is what makes this series so valuable.


The Swedish word “lagom” translates literally to “just the right amount”, which is the key theme behind Lagom Magazine, a collaboration between Elliot Jay Stocks (Ed: This name is very familiar!) and Samantha Stocks.

Lagom Magazine
Lagom Magazine

Each issue focuses on creatives focused on thoughtful design and a balanced approach to life — it’s a great read full of interesting designers from all walks of life.

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Tools of the Trade

A grab-bag of three tools I’m loving at the moment:

The Re- Series

It might be a bit redundant to drop this onto a web-industry-focused blog, but if for any reason you haven’t yet read through the Getting Real, Remote and Rework books by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson of Basecamp fame, I highly recommend giving them a once over.

Neither of the authors are ones to shy away from strong opinions, but even if you don’t agree with everything it will make you think about your own approaches to design, process and business.

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Issue 004 of Weekly Miscellany was guest curated by Gavin Ballard and published on November 30, 2017. Recommendations are very welcome — please submit via email or Twitter. You can also view the blog archives, and subscribe to RSS updates.