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Getting Started with Shopify Themes

Most weeks I receive an email asking for help getting started with Shopify themes. I’ve written on this topic before on the Shopify Partner blog but thought it might be helpful to have a post here too.

Learn Liquid

If you are new to Shopify the one thing that might at first appear daunting is Liquid. Liquid is the template language used to build theme templates. Luckily it has a very readable syntax and many powerful features. I produced the 30 minute video below in 2016 and cover all aspects of Liquid.

Theme Development

If you are brand new to Shopify the first two links in this section are a must. Shopify Experts Kurt Elster and Gavin Ballard provide, over two Skillshare courses, an A-Z of theme development.

Official Resources

As well as the specific articles above I also strongly recommend the following official Shopify resources and documentation.

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